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Warm Water Sales Specialty Items


Website: Warm Water Sales


Air Supply of the Future

Air Blowers for all your Pool, Spa, Liner Blower Needs! Portable Spa, Gunite Spas, Commercial Blowers, (High Volume and High Pressure) Ametek-Rotron, Durlast, & Gast Commercial Blowers along with our Powerful and Extremely Quite Vinyl Liner the "High-Flo" Pool Liner installation Vacuum with the Liner Installation tool and the Pro Cyclone Winterization Blower Redesign for 2017! Our Cyclone Pro Blower with even More Power!

Website: www.airsupplyflorida.com


Pool Tak Spray Adhesives

For the Pool Professional who needs the holding power of a adhesive in Blue for all Steel, Polymer, Aluminum Walls pools Inground and Above Ground Pools, for Concrete Wall Pools use our Orange material with the highest strength holding. Both our Materials Blue and Orange will work from 40 Degrees to over 170 Degrees, and with this workable temperature and ver 2 hours before the final set. This spray will help you with the problems of high water problems in the spring and floating the wall foam.

Website: www.warmwatersales.com


Bright Line Glass Media

Bright Line Glass Media is the Pool Sand alternative for all Sand Filters Residential and Commercial Filters. NSF Approved to meet all your Filter Need, NSF Certified! Filters down to 4 microns! Plus you use 20% less media! Twice as long filter runs and uses less water to back wash! Save Water Last two to three times as sand!

Website: http://www.blackbeautyabrasives.com/products/other-uses.php


Danner - Shinmaywa Pumps

Our pump company is located in Islandia, New York (local for us on Long Island. Danner's Warehouse is well Stocked for your pump needs! Plus Danner can deliver to your customers the cover pumps they require; from 100 gallons to over 6,700 GPH. Our our pumps come with 25 to 33 foot cord for ease of use. Plus Danner Pumps has a model the which Every Pool Company should Use and keep in Stock 6MSP or SKU # 02585 this pump will fit in Ground Main Drain Sumps and can deliver 1,900 GPH to keep the water out of your sump while doing Acids Washes or Re-Plastering your customers Pool. Now for 2018 the New Poseidon 8" Main Drain Pump that will will fit in the 8" main drain and will pump up to 5,300 GPH. This Pump will drain spas faster and down to less than 1/8 of a inch! Now for Shinmaywa Super Vac Pump which can vacuum a extremely loaded pool with debris and leaves. Our Shinmaywa can pump vacuum up all your customers swamps, remove solids up to 1 1/4" totally shreds acorns, pine cones, leaves, and all animals-frogs, snakes etc. Danner also has all your Water-Scapes Pumping and Filtering needs. Please visit our web site below.

Website: www.dannermfg.com


Easy Care Pool Products

Proactive Start-Up Treatments (StartUp-Tec®) which will solve your Mottling-Plaster Dust Formations problems! This StartUp-Tec® has the strength of a powerful Sequesters to remove all the Metal Ions in the water. Next item is Beautec® which is poured in the water after 30 days use the Beautec® and this will give you 180 days of protection for your plaster. Plus Scale-Tec Plus® for the pools that want the scale to go away! Products for Fountains and their special problems Easy Care has your products to keep these Fountains Fresh and Clean.

Website: www.easycarewater.com


H2Flow Controls

H2Flow Controls has your Flow Valves and Motor Drives for your Residential and Commercial Pools. Flow Valves NSF Certified for Flow, now you do not have to have 4 feet of pipe, now you can do it on a 90 degree elbow and read the correct flow. Now avaliable from 1.5 to 4 inch, we also have Digital displays to make it easy to read your flow! Now we offer Motor Drives for all 3 phase commercial pools. Let us save your customer money on operation of all 3 phase pumps!

Website: www.H2Flow.Net


Mouse Buster

This is the best mouse-rodent deterrent you will find. Mouse busters will save your Heater, Heat Pumps, Winter Covers, and Pool Houses along with all your RVs, Collector Cars, and any other valuables needing protection from rodents.

Website: www.mouse-busters.com


Zero Lube

Zero Pool Lube is the only lube you will ever use again! This lube will not harden your o'rings or make them turn black. Now the best item this Zero Lube has is the un-freeing up of all Frozen Safety Cover Anchor. With a few drops turn down the brass anchor and now turn up the anchor and it is unforze and stays free! Comes in 2 ounce and 8 ounce container a must for all Pool Stores!

Website: www.lubegard.com